First things first, need to post a correction: Using the 1e version of AD&D.

The center of the campaign will be the small town of Eagle Grove, IA. (nearby LARGER towns include Webster City & Fort Dodge). We’ll meet on alternate weeks to play, trying to shoot for 5+ hours per session.

The campaign is set in my home-brew world. We have several continents to explore and have created Thief & Cleric characters so far. The ages of POTENTIAL players is impressive – from High School to 40+ years. Most will not have played at all, a couple might be characterized as having “impressive” experience in the game realm.

The first continent to be explored has been heavily influenced by Sabrehagen’s “Book of Swords” series. Meaning that not only do the Swords exist in the world but 90% of the population is human. (Not including the “monster” population).

Sooo… if you’re into fighters &/or mages, maybe a split-class option, give me a holler. My e-mail is

If I get a response I’ll fill in the link at: take a look at your wiki. There will be more helpful info there.

If I get LOTS of responses I’ll DM two parties. Lots of continents to choose from – maybe you’ll meet the “other” group on the high seas??? <eg>

Pursuit of Light